Tumble Turf

A natural alternative to conventional playground safety surfacing.

Our revolutionary new system provides a high-quality safety surface with a natural feel. Combining Hybrid Turf with an organic Cork underlay, Tumble Turf offers a hard wearing surface with all the characteristics of conventional rubber safety surfacing. This natural alternative is the ideal surface for creating play spaces that will sit perfectly within a natural environment. Specialising in creating natural environments since 1999, Hawthorn Heights offers a wealth of Experience for all your requirements.

Uses of tumble turf

Tumble Turf is the natural alternative to standard playground safety surfacing. High abrasion resistance and EN1177 compliance makes this the go-to surface for all natural play areas. The surface is ideal under all forms of play equipment, with varying depths to meet the required critical fall height. Tumble Turf can be installed over humps and mounds to provide a hard wearing play environment.

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Benefits of Tumble Turf

  • Tested to EN1177 Safety Standards

    Caters for critical fall heights up to 3 metres high.

  • Eliminates Wear Patches in High Use Areas

    High abrasion resistance ensures muddy play areas are avoided.

  • Natural Look

    It looks and feels just like natural grass, offering a greener environment.

  • Reduced Risk

    Area stays divot free - eliminating risk of injury from an uneven surface.

EN1177 Certified Surface

The EN1177 standards are based on the statistical analysis of head injuries and are used to determine the depth of safety surfacing. Tumble Turf has been independently tested to EN1177 standards in a range of varying depths, catering for different critical fall heights (CFH).

Patent pending GB 2110356.9


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